Ancient Cartography EP

by Red Medicine

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Matt Houston - Guitar and Vocals
Dan Smith - Guitar
Andrew Wright - Bass
Ed Hamaty - Drums


released April 14, 2011

All songs recorded by Red Medicine in May, 2010
Mixed by Matt Houston
Artwork by Thor Tornberg





all rights reserved


Red Medicine Maine

Red Medicine is a group from the Western Mountains of Maine. We explore sounds, groove, improvise, and think about science fiction.

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Track Name: The Seven Names of Gondolin
Walled off
Safe and secluded

Only need yourself
No outside cause

Those of action
Love earthen barriers
They mark clear limits
So effects come quickly

Isolation is good
Can focus this way
No outside interference
Can keep order

Maintain a distance
Pull back
Momentary Communication
Pull back

Where are the others?

Alone inside these walls
This separation is draining
Dialogue is halting
Mind is cluttering up

We need a shifting permanence to cope with what is stagnant.
We need these full relations to enrich what never changes.
But I’m losing my bearings, and it’s harder and harder to find those points.
Too much pulling back, too much distance.

A short fall
Into safe, tepid water
Drive my face into the mud
Try to stay out of sight

I can feel
My bones dismantling
My flesh is tearing
Tries to incorporate the outside

Can’t sustain both impulses.
This won’t work out.
Track Name: In The Palantir
I looked in and saw that
I was clearly absent and
Far removed.

Never present.

Accessing distant people and places
With long-reaching words and senses.
But bodies never present

Bodies never present

No difference,
No standing in relation.
Breath and flesh both virtual sensation.

Displaced, sense loss.

Always driving
Always driving through woods and fields and towns and nothing

It’s 20 minutes
It’s half an hour
An hour to 2 hours
Too many hours
No time at all

Interstate suffocating,
Flat-backed grey dominating

This is communication.

So far removed.
Some filtered sort of sensible.
Please try to keep me in mind.
Please try to keep me in body.
Track Name: I. The Outer Rim
Fall to earth now
Firm rest on the ground
Hurts your head and your ears
Choke on the air

Buckle like knees
And look about
What lies beyond

Like old mapmakers
Creative cartographers
Radical dreamers

Poured themselves
Over the world
Left blank spaces
Knew their limits
Track Name: II. Entering Atlantis
Now satellites watch
They mark the drift of land
We know every inch
Of our firm earth is sliding

You wanted to find something
You wanted to stand still
But the warm brown earth is sliding with everything else.